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Globe Theatre - Crows Feet Dance Collective presents The Witch Project

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Globe Theatre - Crows Feet Dance Collective presents The Witch Project

Crows Feet Dance Collective presents The Witch Project

To celebrate their 20th anniversary Crows Feet Dance Collective is presenting The Witch Project - an exploration through dance, of how and why women have been depicted as witches throughout the ages, even today.

A witch transgresses the norms of female power. Punishing witches makes others afraid to follow in the unruly woman’s footsteps. Many of the women accused of witchcraft were so-called “wise women”, older figures, with experience as midwives and herbalists.

The fascination with witches continues today through film, television and books. Demonising women as witches has a long history that still occurs especially with powerful women. Ex- Australian PM, Tony Abbott, saw fit to stand in front of a poster about Julia Gillard that screamed ‘Ditch the Witch’. Speaker of the American House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, has been depicted by Republicans as ‘The Wicked Witch of the West’ and Hillary Clinton was accused of having demonic qualities in the last US presidential election. Theresa May is now subject to similar tactics.

‘The misogyny of all this is obvious. Debating and defeating these leaders politically isn’t enough – as women who show ambition, they are abominations who must be deemed evil and cast out.’ – Madeline Miller

In 'The Witch Project’ the Crows Feet dancers canvas this long history in a series of dances that are provocative, serious, amusing and ultimately a celebration of female strength.

Admission $15
Concession $10

Tickets available here

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