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Palmy Fringe Festival - Allergic to Love: Curse of The 80s

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Palmy Fringe Festival - Allergic to Love: Curse of The 80s


The Palmy fringe festival is coming up in Palmy and christmas is rapidly approaching.
What better way to get the team excited and engaged than treating yourselves to a
night of full on entertainment, good times and live music. A chance to let your hair

‘ALLERGIC TO LOVE: curse of the 80s’ is coming to Centrepoint theatre on the 12th and
13th of October for 2 shows only.

Winner of 3 NZ fringe festival awards including the Centrepoint tour award and recent
return from a tour of America and Mexico, this all original, NZ show is set to entertain,
to melt faces, break hearts and rock souls!

What would you do if you broke into song at the thought of love? What if you could only
sing 80s rock ballads? Well come and witness the Palmy Premiere of this unusual tale of
love told by a loud, live, rockband, ready to bring back the 80s!

A brand new , all original musical masterpiece written and performed by Tom Knowles
who only 2 years ago starred in counterpoints production of Stag Weekend. Starring a
full live rock band of misfits including Christchurch’s own Jed Parsons and Moses Robbins
and Auckland’s, Sam Logan, as they attempt to tell this unusual tale of love; a man who
is cursed with breaking into 80s rock ballads at the thought of love.

This show has taken over 12 years to finish since the first song was recorded and written
and it will not fail to impress. Humour, crowd participation, great 80's style music and
costumes-so there will be no shortage of a good time had by all, this is the perfect night
out for everyone. If theatre isn't usually your thing or you want something more than
your average theatre experience then this show is for you. Its a band, with a bar, telling
an epic story of love. Don’t miss out on the live magic that will take place every night.

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Adult $20
Concession $15

Tickets on sale here

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