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The Dark Room - Measure for Measure

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The Dark Room - Measure for Measure

Opposites attract as comedy mixes with drama and mystical fantasy with gritty reality in this production of William Shakespeare's social drama Measure for Measure in a show that is about youth, for youth, and by youth.

Set in a mystical, celestial Vienna with spiritual oriented Government figures and earthly oriented commoners, Measure for Measure tells of Claudio, a teenager sentenced to execution for having sex before marriage. The community around him must now explore what this means for them, what they will stand for, and what to do when presented with modern day, eerily relevant issues such as faith, sexuality, and what happens when Government tries to regulate them.

What makes a good ruler? Should Government have a say in matters of personal identity? Do you give up all of your values and beliefs for someone you love? Prepare yourself in this dramatic exploration of these questions to have you and your values both validated and challenged all at once.

Adult $15
Concession $10

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