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Are You Being Served?

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Are You Being Served?

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Based on the popular BBC comedy, this British television comedy turned stage show revels in nonstop double entendres.

When the motley crew of Grace Brothers department store closes for redecoration, Young Mr. Grace (Quintin Tomlinson) sends them off on a two-week holiday to the fictional Spanish resort town of Costa Plonka. On arriving in the tropics at the one-star establishment called the Don Bernardo Palace Hotel run by none other than Don Bernardo (Jonathan Samia) himself, they find themselves not only in the middle of a revolution but having to survive encounters with everything from a spanish crumpet (Ashleigh Bond) to randy revolutionaries (Peter Hyland & Tessa Kilgour), finally managing to leave with everything intact but their modesty.

As Captain Peacock’s wife won't be joining them, Mrs Slocombe ( Christine Taylor-Hausman)  sees an opportunity to seduce him. She is as oblivious as ever to the fact that Captain Peacock (Phil White) has his eye – or rather both eyes – on Miss Brahms (Michelle Thompson), the attractive young womenswear junior. Miss Brahms has known of his plans all along, and deflects each advance with ease along with those of Mr Lucas (Marc Booth)

The staff find, to their chagrin, that because of a booking mix-up, their hotel has no rooms available, and they are forced to sleep in tents. The single public toilet only has a lock on the outside, and they also find out that the local custom is to sing a song while using it to let others know of its occupation.

As the BBC so aptly puts it;-  “With its innuendo-laden comedy, penchant for slapstick and panto-type characters, Are You Being Served has something for everyone.” The BBC

Other cast members are:  Mr Humpries (Trent Pedley), Mr Rumbold (David Chisholm), Mr Grainger (Harry Martin), Mr Mash (Quintin Tomlinson), Woman shopper (Maggie Malone), Nurse (Ashleigh Bond), Man shopper (Peter Hyland),

Presented by: MTI

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