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Te Manawa - Nan and Tuna

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Te Manawa - Nan and Tuna

Pupetter Anna Bailey returns to Te Manawa with a unique show that tells the story of an eel, a river and an extraordinary friendship.

Nan and Tuna have been friends for 70 years and now it is time for one last adventure together. But before they leave they need to find someone to care for the river.

“Nan and Tuna is an arresting visual poem.” - Pantographic Punch

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The show uses a range of engaging puppets (marionettes, shadow, water and mask), humour, music and Te Reo Māori to tell the story of Nan and her friend Tuna.

This show traces the life cycle of the tuna (longfin eel), and highlights the incredible journey which an eel makes twice in its lifetime between its birthplace in the Pacific Ocean and the rivers of New Zealand. This show emphasises the need to care for our rivers, which are such an important habitat for many species, including tuna, and to suggest ways we could do this. It also shows the relationship between a grandmother and grandson and how he deals with her loss.

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