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Te Manawa - Topp Twins Talk: Querying Kiwi Comedy

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Te Manawa - Topp Twins Talk: Querying Kiwi Comedy

Querying Kiwi Comedy: The Topp Twins, Rural New Zealand and the Politics of Laughter.

With their unique blend of country music, comedy and political activism, the Topp Twins are a striking example of the power of popular humour to influence the way we think about the world.

More than simply entertainment, the music and humour of the Twins has for decades challenged New Zealanders - particularly rural New Zealanders - to reflect on how they understood their country and culture.

Central to this reflection has been the Topp Twins’ presentation and performance of their queer identities: both as themselves and as a wide variety of characters they incorporate in their comic routines.

Through an exploration of these different characters, such as Ken and Ken or Camp Mother and Camp Leader, this talk will examine how the Topp Twins use comedy as a means to unsettle ideas around gender, sexuality and what it means to be a New Zealander.

Presented by: Dr Nicholas Holm, Lecturer in Media Studies at Massey University.

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