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Manawatu African Drumming

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Manawatu African Drumming

Come along to jam, feel the rhythm in your body and raise your energy levels! Whether you are a total beginner or have been playing for a while... playing with others lifts your playing and is the very best way to nurture, maintain & improve your skills... and of course is very social and so much fun!

All levels are very welcome. (Including beginners).

During Manawatu African Drumming (dependant on your current level) there will be opportunities to...
- Learn beginner techniques & strategies
- Learn solid technique practises
- Extend your musicianship
- Play dun duns & other percussion instruments
- Work on personal soloing
- Sing and learn about vocalising
- Work on 'performing'
- Get feedback on your playing
- Jam out!

Need a drum?... I have one you can borrow.
Contact me to reserve one:

Casual Rate $15
Cycle Rate $55
Drum Hire $2
Door sales only

What can drumming do for you?
-reduces stress
-activates both sides of your brain
-boosts your immune system
-allows you self-expression
-helps you to be grounded
-connects you with others (it's VERY social!)
-puts some FUN into your life

'Jennifer teaches with contagious enthusiasm and positivity.’

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