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New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF)

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New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF)

The New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF) is a celebration of film on the finest screens in New Zealand.

The New Zealand International Film Festival (NZIFF) is a celebration of film on the finest screens in New Zealand. The event is the cultural highlight of winter in 13 towns and cities and is one of the longest running annual festivals in the country. NZIFF makes a great occasion out of movie-going by presenting the latest and best films from around the world.

Run by a charitable trust, NZIFF maintains a rich tradition of diverse choice in a curated selection of expertly crafted films – features, documentaries and short films too – that deserve to be experienced with an audience. Every presentation is a New Zealand premiere or retrospective celebration, with NZIFF returning a percentage of the box office revenue back to the filmmakers.

The full NZIFF Palmerston North programme is now online

The Festival runs from 23rd August to 9th September. Tickets are available online and in person from Event Cinemas Palmerston North.

For clips of some of the movies, go to the NZIFF website and follow them on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube

Thursday August 22nd
Amazing Grace (G) - 12.00pm
Sibyl (M) - 2.00pm
Martha: A Picture Story (E) - 4.15pm
Le Belle Epoque (M) - 6.00pm
High Life (R16) - 8.15pm

Friday August 23rd
Le Belle Epoque (M) - 11.00am
Maiden (M) - 1.15pm
The Nightingale (R16) - 3.15pm
Sorry We Missed You (M) - 6.00pm
Les Miserables (R13) - 8.15pm

Saturday August 24th
Backtrack Boys (M) - 11.45am
Dilili In Paris (PG) - 2.00pm
Ask Dr. Ruth (E) - 4.00pm
Amazing Grace (G) - 6.00pm
Midsommar (R18) - 8.00pm

Sunday August 25th
Martha: A Picture Story (E) - 11.00am
Mrs Lowry & Son (PG) - 12.45pm
Capital In The 21st Century (E) - 2.45pm
Maiden (M) - 5.00pm
Apocalypse Now: Final Cut (R16) - 7.00pm

Monday August 26th
Capital In The 21st Century (E) - 11.15am
Backtrack Boys (M) - 1.30pm
Brittany Runs A Marathon (M) - 3.45pm
Sibyl (M) - 6.00pm
Hail Satan? (M) - 8.00pm

Tuesday August 27th
Halston (E) - 11.30am
Sorry We Missed You (M) - 1.45pm
High Life (R16) - 3.45pm
New Zealands Best 2019 (M) - 6.00pm
Inna de Yard (E) - 8.00pm

Wednesday August 28th
Mrs Lowry & Son (PG) - 10.45am
Who You Think I Am (M) - 12.45pm
Loro (R16) - 3.00pm
A White, White Day (M) - 6.00pm
Deerskin (R16) - 8.15pm

Thursday August 29th
Walking On Water (E) - 11.15am
A Seat At The Table (E) - 1.30pm
Marianne & Leonard: Words Of Love (E) - 3.45pm
Non-Fiction (M) - 6.00pm
Judy & Punch (R16) - 8.15pm

Friday August 30th
Photograph (M) - 11.00am
Non-Fiction (M) - 1.15pm
Beats (R16) - 3.45pm
Brittany Runs A Marathon (M) - 6.00pm
The Nightingale (R16) - 8.15pm

Saturday August 31st
Yuli (M) - 11.15am
For My Father's Kingdom (E) - 1.45pm
Photograph (M) - 3.45pm
Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (PG) - 6.00pm
Beats (R16) - 8.30pm

Sunday September 1st
Celebration: Yves Saint Laurent (E) - 10.45am
Dilili In Paris (PG) - 12.30pm
Peterloo (M) - 2.30pm
A Seat At The Table (E) - 5.30pm
Loro (R16) - 7.45pm

Monday September 2nd
Maria By Callas (PG) - 11.15am
Ask Dr. Ruth (E) - 1.45pm
Les Miserables (R13) - 3.45pm
Nga Whanaunga Maori Pasifika Shorts 2019 (R13) - 6.00pm
For Sama (R16) - 8.00pm

Tuesday September 3rd
Celebration: Yves Saint Laurent (E) - 11.00am
Yuli (M) - 12.45pm
Peterloo (M) - 3.00pm
Walking On Water (E) - 6.00pm
PJ Harvey: A Dog Called Money (E) - 8.00pm

Wednesday September 4th
Portrait Of A Lady On Fire (PG) - 11.15am
The Biggest Little Farm (E) - 1.45pm
A White, White Day (M) - 3.45pm
Helen Kelly - Together (E) - 6.00pm
The Wild Goose Lake (R16) - 8.00pm

Thursday September 5th
By The Grace Of God (M) - 11.00am
American Woman (R13) - 1.45pm
The Whistlers (R16) - 4.00pm
Who You Think I Am (M) - 6.00pm
Monos (R13) - 8.15pm

Friday September 6th
Helen Kelly - Together (E) - 11.45am
Judy & Punch (R16) - 1.45pm
Vivarium (M) - 4.00pm
Marianne & Leonard: Words Of Love (E) - 6.00pm
Ruben Brandt, Collector (M) - 8.15pm

Saturday September 7th
Peter Peryer: The Art Of Seeing (E) - 11.45am
Halston (E) - 1.30pm
Children Of The Sea (PG) - 3.45pm
American Woman (R13) - 6.00pm
Vivarium (M) - 8.15pm

Sunday September 8th
The Biggest Little Farm (E) - 10.45am
Maria By Callas (PG) - 12.45pm
Kind Hearts And Coronets (PG) - 3.00pm
By The Grace Of God (M) - 5.15pm
The Whistlers (R16) - 8.00pm

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