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Hell Pizza

HELL was spawned by Callum in the year 1996, location: the Kelburn squash centre in Wellington. First floor, no street frontage, dodgy access and a tiny kitchen - fundamentally wrong in so many ways, but it worked. This was the birthplace of HELL and we operated out of Kelburn for eight years, before moving the kitchen to the top of Cuba St in 2004.

Customers often recall their first experience being in the original Kelburn store, HELL we even called it the centre of the world after so many people all over the planet, telling us it was their virgin HELL meal! Walking up the back stairs through the kitchen, avoiding banging their head on the shelf (look out fool), and some even remember when we had a dine in section with views over Wellington (or, if you worked for HELL, the place where we got trashed and launched firecrackers out the window). Good times.

In the early days we tried everything: rice tandoori pizza, delivery milkshakes, curries, mud cake, flame bread - all in search of the wicked menu that is HELL today. In 2000, Callum partnered with his mate Stu and together they opened the Hataitai store. We loved this earthquake hazard of a building, from the collapsing floor, home made counters and menu boards, and excellent staff and customers that made it an institution in Hataitai. HELL had started to grow.

We opened another store in Northland the following year and set up a prep kitchen that serviced our three stores. Delivering around Wellington in the Escargo with occasional brakes and handling like a 4-wheeled sailing ship in the wind, we started honing our systems and products. We then opened in Petone - our first 'quality' fit out.

The early days of HELL was about living our business every day, working damned hard and making tasty pizzas. These were some of the best times of our lives and helped shape the business into what it is now.

Our 4 plus 10 stores in the first year, 16 in the second, 21 in the third year and 15 in 2006. We finished 06 with 66 stores, wicked franchisees and happy customers. The time was right to move onwards and upwards, so we sold the NZ business, and went in search of new countries for HELL. First, we went to London, now with stores in Lavender Hill (Clapham) and Shepherd's Bush. Today, HELL also has stores in Brisbane, Seoul and Vancouver.

In 2009, we bought our New Zealand business back. The old owners just didn't get it. So in May 09, we started the resurrection of HELL. We took out the trash, had fun with our marketing, improved ingredients and launched some new tasty products. HELL is once again 666% New Zealand owned and committed to giving you the best damned pizza in this life or the next.

Evily yours
Callum & Stu

Call us on 0800 666 111

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Address: 96 Taonui Street
Palmerston North
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WOMAD New Zealand 2020 pre-sale tickets are now available. Limited numbers so don't delay

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WOMAD New Zealand 2020 pre-sale tickets are now available. Limited numbers so don't delay

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